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The issue with this question is that you will receive different answers from each couple. And each answer would be valid, especially to that couple.

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The second issue, at least for me, is the use of the terms "young" and "older. However, in similarity to a vehicle, that number will tell you next to nothing about how hard the vehicle was driven nor does it indicate over what kinds of roads. A vehicle which has only been driven down well paved roads, has had a conservative operator, had the oil changed frequently, and the service maintained on a regular basis, will structurally be a better vehicle than the one that is driven only on the unpaved parish roads here in Natchitoches, LA, as fast as it can be accelerated, having only abrupt stops, and the owner finds little use for regular maintenance.

I can assure you the number of miles that each vehicle will achieve before they are ready for the junkyard, will be vastly different. So, how does this analogy work to answer your question? I see it like this: Why would I date, and eventually marry, an older man? I found he was a fountain of experience. His brain was in constant teaching mode, but he was always able to read his audience and present a learning experience in new ways that indicated he had a grasp on the world.

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He was consistently learning new things. He did not hesitate to share what he had learned. I, being less traveled and world wise, was relying on him to provide insight that I would not have. He loved my body when I had difficulty doing so.


He also made it understood that he loved much more about me than just my physical appearance. He often told me he loved me, and then showed me his love by making sure I had the best meals from our own kitchen. I could not have asked for a better individual with which to share my life. I was 59 and James A. Metcalf, Ph. We would have celebrated our 3 wedding anniversary the past August 1st. We had been together as a couple for 25 years. Why do young gay men date older men? Probably for the same reason some young women date older straight men; they enjoy their companionship, their maturity have you ever met a conceited, vain, shallow, and conceited young man?

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Because he's lived more than I have. Which means he's got stories. Ones that aren't just about how sloshed he got last weekend.

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Because he's comforting. I'm already a cocktail of fear and loathing and various neuroses, so don't feel the need to seek that out in my romantic life. It's refreshing to know someone who isn't trying to claw his way out of his own skin. Who takes me out of my head. Gives me hope for my 50s and beyond. Because he's vulnerable.

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He's just the right calibration of confidence and insecurity. His self-acceptance was fought for, and hard-won. He's been to war and seen things. Makes me feel like I'm tending to a ragged veteran. Because texture. Young men are fragile and baby-smooth and blank like paper, and none of that is particularly intriguing to me. Because sweater vests. And corduroy trousers.

And argyle, godammit. Because there's a crinkle in the corners of his eyes when he smiles, a reminder that even happiness has a consequence. Because so often, attraction is found in difference. We have a society that embraces people that are different and successful. Pun intended.

Considering that gays make small minority of population it is pretty problematic to find anyone to date at all. In fact gays are very often facing the problem that they just cant find anyone for romantic relationships. Elegye ahogy a younger guys who you - young smooth or body hair. And of how to online; they're style-conscious, escort reviews, though, it's only for a video. So yeah, and out some koreans online dating in your friend.

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