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New review for Ellie Ann. New review for Chocolate. Lucas really came alive with Matt at his side. I loved the chapters set at Diane's house, which were only outdone by the sweet epilogue. Highly recommended for a lower angst, steamy read!

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View all 7 comments. Oct 04, Christelle rated it really liked it Shelves: What a pleasant surprise. Matt is pretty laid-back, enjoying life and sex, which is why he does some escorting on the side. His only flaw: Lucas is very successful and seems to be happy with a life full of rules and control if it were not for this social anxiety. A second call and ye What a pleasant surprise. A second call and yes, it starts to go way beyond a simple business. And both men have to reevaluate their life while giving in to the powerful chemistry between them. The development of their relationship feels natural, with no unnecessary angst.

And with of course a good HEA, even though a tad too sugary and fast for my taste. View all 14 comments. Sep 30, Cadiva rated it really liked it. This book is fab. I loved Lace, Satin was incredibly erotic, but Silk is just a beautiful love story between two men who - on the face of it - shouldn't have a connection at all. The cover is a stunning example of what the reader will find inside, a gorgeous May to December romance with a hint of Pretty Woman but without all the annoying ex's and rich bitch shop assistants.

Matt and Lucas are perfectly matched, they're similar enough that the sparks fly when both want to be top dog but there's eno This book is fab. Matt and Lucas are perfectly matched, they're similar enough that the sparks fly when both want to be top dog but there's enough difference for the older man to be fascinated by the guy he hires as a one night escort.

There's a great cast of secondary characters and some lovely humorous touches along the way, as well as a whole bunch of stubborn pride and a bit of flouncing. But all comes right in the end and the epilogue is ridiculously sweet and full of hope and happiness and, after all, isn't that what everyone wants in their romances? Did I say how much I loved the cover?!

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  • It's so beautiful. ARC received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review Oct 01, Natalie rated it really liked it Shelves: Matt chooses to work in the profession for simple reasons; he enjoys sex and he appreciates the money. There's no dramatic backstory, or desperation, as so many think is the only reason someone does it. Matt thinks of it as a job, one that he enjoys and like real-life people in the biz, also models underwear.

    Lucas prefers the control of only having sex with escorts and he's familiar to Matt's circle as "Mr. Silk Sheets" who rarely calls anyone for an encore. Of course, Matt becomes the exception to his rule.

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    It takes some time, but Lucas becomes the exception to Matt's rules too. There's no "cheating" but the two becoming a couple doesn't happen quickly. There isn't a huge amount of conflict, only disagreement and reconciliation and an age difference is not much of an issue at all. Neither was Lucas being biracial, although there were a couple of brief mentions of it.

    The only thing that didn't feel right to me was Lucas appearing to be almost a recluse at the start of the story, and referring to himself as having "social anxiety", since he seemed to move past it rather easily.

    https://saustopnestvingpeg.gq Perhaps it was for lack of a better term, but the way it was presented was kind of confusing to me. It was never clear, either, how behavior he was taught at home was so unusual or extreme as to invite ridicule. How could he built this huge business and became so wealthy, if he had such a problem?

    Queer Eye: Love Yourself, Love Your Life

    I wasn't thrown completely out of the story though and I got past it, since I enjoyed the book overall. The story is written in a fairly low-key fashion. The story flows along, interspersed with K. I liked the family members for both characters, the lack of gratuitous homophobia and Grandma was cute. It's a romance story through and through, and Matt and Lucas's reactions were appropriate to their ages and temperament. As usual, there's a lovely epilogue and a gratifying HEA. It should be a favorite for romance readers wanting a simple, straightforward plot, some smexy times and a solid relationship for the MC's.