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What’s Behind the Right’s ‘Obama Is Gay’ Conspiracy

Obama is gay. Not only is he gay; he frequented gay bath houses in Chicago along with his former chief of staff and current Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel. Who knew? But the persistent charges of his unmanliness—as if all gay men are unmanly and all women fainthearted—are part of a skein of Republican accusations and innuendoes against Democrats that goes back decades.

Gay becomes a proxy for effeminacy so that Republicans, in their antediluvian view of the world, can present themselves as tough he-men, Democrats as weak girls. Long ago, the GOP apparently calculated that this was a great way to appeal to male voters, especially white male voters, who, until recently, made up roughly 40 percent of the electorate.

The GOP aimed at a tradition of machismo, bluster, saber-rattling and muscle-flexing. It assumed that white males revere warriors, prefer action to talk, love the idea of shooting first and asking questions later; their movie heroes are John Wayne and GOP poster boy Clint Eastwood.

These assumptions may have been based on stereotypes, but they seem to have worked. The Democratic Party has won the white male vote only twice since —in , when John Kennedy beat Nixon by just 0. In short, if only white men voted, there would have been just two Democratic presidents since Not only that: But even that may understate the extent to which Republicans have increasingly become the party of white men and the extent to which they seem to have sacrificed the female vote, especially the votes of single and minority women.

According to a recent Pew Center survey, the GOP lead among white male voters has doubled, from 11 percent in to 22 percent in Men now constitute 52 percent of Republican voters according to the Pew survey, virtually all of them white, even though men make up less than 50 percent of the general population. His primary interest is in the effects of HIV-related stigma on people living with HIV and those most at risk for transmission.

Diagnosed with HIV in , Jeremiah has experienced consequences from stigma and discrimination firsthand. Serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer at the time of his diagnosis, the Peace Corps dismissed Jeremiah when he tested positive. With the help of the American Civil Liberties Union, he later changed Peace Corps' policy to allow positive volunteers to continue their service. Since then, Jeremiah has continued to raise awareness around issues and policies that contribute to the spread of HIV and negatively impact the lives of those living with the virus. There, he learned that there is still much work to be done to improve the quality of life for all people living with HIV.

The soldiers ignore Johnson's advice and pressure him into leading them through a sacred Crow burial ground. While returning home by the same route, Johnson notices that the graves are now adorned with Swan's blue trinkets; he rushes back to the cabin, where he finds that his family has been killed.

Johnson sets off after the warriors who killed his family and attacks them, killing all but one, a heavyset man who sings his death song when he realizes he cannot escape. Johnson leaves him alive and the survivor spreads the tale of the mountain man's quest for revenge throughout the region, trapping Johnson in a feud with the Crow. The tribe sends its best warriors to kill Johnson, but he defeats them. His legend grows and the Crow come to respect him.

He meets Gue again, and returns to the cabin of Caleb's mother, only to find that she has died and a new settler named Qualen and his family are living there.

Nearby the Crow have built a monument to Johnson's bravery, periodically leaving trinkets and talismans as tribute. Johnson and Lapp meet for a final time. It is at this poignant meeting between student and teacher that Lapp realizes the heavy toll Johnson has taken upon himself while fighting an entire nation alone in a vast and lonesome frontier.

Lapp's realization occurs when Johnson queries, "You wouldn't happen to know what month of the year it is?

Jeremiah Johnson

While sitting astride their horses far apart, Johnson reaches for his rifle, but Paints-His-Shirt-Red raises his arm, open-palmed, in a gesture of peace that Johnson slowly returns. The film ends with the song lyrics, "And some folks say, 'He's up there still. In April , producer Sidney Beckerman acquired the film rights to the biographical book Crow Killer: Thorp Jr. By May , the rights were acquired by Warner Bros. According to Milius, Edward Anhalt and David Rayfiel were brought in to work on the screenplay only for Milius to be continually rehired because no one else could do the dialogue.

Casting for the role of Swan, Jeremiah's wife, took three months. After auditioning for another role, actress Delle Bolton was spotted by the casting director. After Warner Bros. Insisting that it must be shot on location in Utah , Redford and Pollack convinced the studio that this could be done at the same cost. Principal photography began in January , but unexpected weather threatened production. George in southern Utah were terrible," said Pollack, "and we were using Cinemobiles as the lifelines. There was no way I was going to let it overrun, and Bob was a superb partner in keeping us tight.

In the end it was the greatest way to learn production, because I was playing with my own money. The film took seven and a half months to edit. You didn't see strong narrative line. It's a picture made out of rhythms and moods and wonderful performances. This was their film composing debut, arising after Rubinstein met Sydney Pollack through his agent.

Jeremiah Johnson, LMP - Sports and Deep Tissue Massage in the Greenlake Neighborhood

The soundtrack LP was not released until by Warner Bros. Jeremiah Johnson had its worldwide premiere on May 7 at the Cannes Film Festival , where it was screened in competition. It was later released onto Blu-ray on May 1, In addition to being a commercial success, the film also received generally positive reviews.

Jeremiah Johnson (3/7) Movie CLIP - Jeremiah Gets Married (1972) HD

There are [moments] of great beauty and terror and deeply earned pathos. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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