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Community member photo. Ask to join.. Weighted through ball but firing horribly off target. Todd Moscowitz Among the good things we did we started opening up. It is my contention that ZoomPNP is acting to multiply the possibilities for agency of our subjects while also allowing for these subjects to overlap duration, not through intuition or sympathy, but through the mediated contact permitted by the connected medium of Zoom and the continuous release of dopamine permitted by meth.

Through these two distinctions, Bergson rewrites the philosophical concepts of time, space, experience, and consciousness.


The quantitative multiplicity is easiest to explain. Bergson asks us to imagine a field of sheep viewed from above Ibid. The sheep are: They occupy different spatial locations and thus are countable as a type of multiple-unity, something which is neither singular nor many, but rather both simultaneously.

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Further their positions are transitory, the can move and return to a given position. This is what Bergson terms the quantitative multiplicity and is akin to our experience of spatial phenomena. A phenomenon which is multiple and spatialized, yet unified; each molecule is discrete and yet, through the mechanisms of our biochemistry, their actions are transitory, reversible.

The second distinction, that of the qualitative multiplicity, is akin to our experience of time, which receives the special label: Opposed to the spatiality of the quantitative multiplicity, the qualitative multiplicity—is not discrete, homogenous, nor transitory—but is rather: Irreversible Ibid. The image used to describe the qualitative multiplicity is a rubber band, collapsible to a single point yet stretchable across its epistemic background Ibid.

Like the duration, our experience of time, it is continuous and if we consider its movement as a trace and not a series of fixed images presented over time, it is also heterogeneous; in each moment it occupies and overcomes a new spatial segment to which it cannot return. It is still not an adequate representation of the duration. For Bergson, no image can describe the duration as it is itself apart from spatiality. If our experience of time for Bergson was a qualitative multiplicity, so to was our experience of sympathy Lawlor , In a sympathetic moment we place ourselves into the position of another, we enter their duration so-to speak Ibid.

If this was all sympathy did we would abhor it. It would mean for us continuous pain. We would do all we could to avoid one another. Therefore, sympathy prompts in us a desire to help the other through the realization that the other in-fact may be oneself. These two moments: Inferior pity is the desire for pain. However, these two inferior forms of pity resolve into a third feeling, that of superiority over pity.

This is a qualitative multiplicity precisely because it is heterogeneous, each feeling is different, yet they are continuous such that we cannot distinguish the points of transition from one to the other, and the feeling of sympathy is irreversible. Each moment of sympathy becomes inscribed consummately upon the conscious and unconscious mind as both desire and repulsion.

Freud hypothesized that the unconscious of the analyst and the analysand were in communication with one another Gallese , Indeed, the qualitative multiplicity shared between two subjects, the feeling of sympathy, posits both conscious and unconscious affect. Gallese in their article attempt to do so through a neurological mechanism labeled mirror neuron activation, or rather the capacity of the mind to create an embodied simulation of the other When we experience sympathy, or even observe someone carrying out a physical activity we activate neural pathways, though at lower potential, as if we were carrying out the activity or experiencing it ourselves.

The notion initially employed by Bergson and hypothesized by Freud, suggesting subjects are capable of entering the duration of one another, of mirroring the affect of one another, is confirmed through our resort to the neurological model of the self. Let us return to ZoomPNP and analyze the type of connectivity being observed between our subjects. Using the argument of Gallese et al. Melanie Klein developed the concept of projective identification out of the work of Anne Freud and Karl Abraham. Projective identification then, is the unconscious inducement of the other to become that truth which is disavowed by the conscious mind Ibid.

The encouraging behavior observed in the chat software that accompanies Zoom—recall here about the praise for blowing large clouds and the encouragement for achieving erection—may be conceived as a type of projective identification where the individual is able to access a given state by inducing or witnessing that state in another.

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We might also conceive of pornography as operating through a similar mechanism that allows for the pleasure principle to overcome the reality principle, mediated or unmediated by methamphetamine. The unconscious projects onto the internet our desires and fantasies, through encouragement in live webcam sessions like Zoom or searching of pornographic websites. The mirror neurons of the mind, engaged in an embodied simulation of the other, project unmetabolized fantasies and desires onto the other s , through connected territories, to allow them to be digested by the conscious mind through the process of identification and integration at the level of consciousness.

Through its gratuitous efflux of dopamine, meth—through a reduction of the reality principle—allows more easily the Id and unconscious to achieve both projection and identification, to metabolize fantasies as it experiences them through embodied simulation. Or, in Bergsonian terms, perhaps meth and the despatialized connectivity afforded by our connected possessions, work coextensively to allow one to overcome the limits of space, the duration, and reality such that the subject can inhabit more fully the object with which they identify.

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Therefore, our connected commons permit a type of projective identification, an overlap, facilitating not only visual stimulation but also neurochemical and bodily stimulation. ZoomPNP inscribes on the psyche, through the pharmaceutically enhanced potentials of mirror neurons, an embodied experience of sensation and phantasmal desire.

The other, though spectral, inhabits the self by means of visual, neurochemical and unconscious contact. All those pills we shovel down our throats. The penultimate scene presents the once sarcoma-covered bodies of our ACT and PWA members, now in their 50s, freshly shaven and thankful for the medical discovery that let them survive a plague. The film presents pharmaceuticals as the victor over the HIV epidemic, emancipating its victims from the villainous Republican controlled presidency of George Bush.