How do the trails at backledge connect to gay city ct

There were hills, brooks, rivers and a small lake or two. The trails are clean and the scenery varying. It will make a most picturesque hike once the leaves are out. See the photos for a map of the other trail system across Birch Mountain Road.

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Beautiful but a bit rocky grateful pony had on trail boots. One of my regular spots. There are so many places to stop. So peaceful. One of my favorite places is the large boulder and also to the left of the pond on the way in. The old stonework there is beautiful, and it is complimented by the brook next to it. There is a lot here to discover. The red loop is a very pleasant relatively flat 6 or so miles.

Mountain Biking Case Mountain - Manchester, Connecticut

It has some road, un paved road and some single track. This morning we saw 2 owls in a nearby tree which was a nice treat. We started the day with the plan of hiking through Glacial boulders trail. Since it was hard for us to find the trail head, we got into Gay City State Park.! The park is such a beautiful place to spend a day. All the trails are well marked and we stuck to red trail. We walked for around 5. Glad We went there.!! There is so much more to this park than one day will show you. Get off the trails and explore.

Good night mountain biking. Stuck to the red trail 5 miles. Most of the wet spots had a detour so you don't have to go through the mud.

How do the trails at backledge connect to gay city ct

We took a quick hike on the White Trail today and enjoyed the sunny day. It was well marked and maintained. I would not recommend running this leg of the park trail due to the ruts and loose rocks. Some slight hills and low areas that did have some standing water so dont forget your dryer sheets to keep the gnats and mosquitoes away.

Very quiet and peaceful. Stuck to the red blaze trail mostly. This is a nice, little area with an easy hike. Trails are very well-marked, and there are trail maps placed periodically throughout the park. A couple of areas were actually blocked by water, but the detours were quite navigable. I was taken a bit by surprise by a truck pulling out onto the trail ahead of me as I neared the end along with a large group of men and boys - hadn't realized there was a youth camping area tucked in here!

The entrance to the park also has a nice, open area with a few picnic tables and grills. Very few people on the trails, which was nice!

Gay City Red Blazes Trail

Wonderful hike to eat up a Sunday afternoon. Beautiful day, not too many people on the trail. Followed the red blazes, but definitely want to return to check out everything else. It was a relatively easy hike, compared to the ones that I have taken recently, with only moderate uphills. There is ample evidence of its history as a former farming community.

Almost nobody on the trail which was nice. For years, Gay City prospered with several mills powered by the Blackledge River. However, in , Gay City became a ghost town when the last mill burned to the ground. Cellar holes, stone walls, mill ruins, a cemetery, and historic roads are evidence of the settlers who labored to create a community at Gay City.

In fact, roads from this community form the backbone of the modern-day trail system. The trails are organized into three main routes, marked with different blazes: There are also connecting trails blazed orange, yellow, and blue-white. How do the trails at backledge connect to gay city ct Juji Cain August 26, Anyone know of the spring bird walk on a motion was here also a part of blackledge country club. We weren't able to be difficult to try the best system.

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