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What is the going rate for male escort services? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. Answered Dec 26, Thank you for your feedback! Which is a good male escort?


How can I earn money as a male escort? Can I become a male escort? What is your experience as a male escort? Quora User , I've worked as an Escort. It depends on: When I met with a client who wanted more emotional and intellectual stimulation I tended to charge more than those who wanted more physical interaction. The emotional and intellectual stuff demanded more effort and involvement from me. It's next to impossible to fake and exacted a toll on me. The physical stuff, however This is "level of service" and "interactions.

If a client wanted to meet three times a week for three hours, that cost more. It's more work for me and it usually crowds out other clients. This is not a simple question with a simple answer. Answered Oct 20, For straight male escorts catering to women in the USA it does depend on a number of factors: Some charge much more and some charge less.

Discounts are also applied for longer engagements. Many require at least 2 hours for each engagement. Related Questions How can I be a male escort in Delhi? Where can I get work as a male escort? The business has changed since the advent of the internet. For example, sex happens, but sex doesn't always happen.

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I have disabled clients who can only cuddle or chat; I have clients who want companionship in non-sexual ways. And a lot of escorts now are true entrepreneurs. This is a capitalist country after all. Everything is OK to sell except for sex and companionship?


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What would you say to the people who make those kinds of moral judgements about you? I am very spiritual, believe it or not. But I don't buy the dogma. I keep it simple.

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The universe has laws. It must love all things equally if it created everything and creation is done out of love. I don't think you can create from hate. Do you feel society stigmatises you, as a male escort, less than it does your female counterparts? Oh, trust me, I still take flak—and occasional death threats.

But it's much easier for males in my line of work. When they explain, it comes to down to general sexism. What have you learned about the human psyche from your clients?

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Many of my clients have a lot of repressed feelings and desires—and not only older clients. A client in New York I met weekly over a few months, the effect the experience had on him—he was questioning everything and he told me on our last meeting how his life had changed because of our time. He was happier.

Family life, business, everything got better.

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He said he felt like he dealt with things that were beneath the surface. You're campaigning to promote the legitimacy of sex work in the hopes it will lessen its stigma. What change do you want to see? It's about creating a safer environment. If no one talks about sex work publicly it could continue to go deeper underground, which will only make it more dangerous for people forced into sex work against their will. Which brings us to the charity you work with: The National Ugly Mugs Scheme. What to they do?

The NUM is very important and unique.

It lets escorts make reports direct to the project to be logged in their database so other escorts can be alerted to any dodgy dudes. Escorts can check the database and get alerts via emails, text or the app.

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NUM helps escorts report crimes to the police anonymously. That's vital because most escorts won't report crimes, expecting the police to not be interested or do anything—or maybe even arrest them. The charity works closely with all police forces around the country on behalf of street sex workers and escorts. Everyone in the business would be smart to sign up. Do you think female escorts have to fear for their safety more than males do?