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Workout wear, prominent muscles, and tattoos frequently feature across the website's entries. Photos are shared on the website along with the tube line the "crush" was spotted on, the name of the spotter, and a caption.

Women Warm Up Faster to Gay Men Than Straight Guys, Study Suggests

According to the site's guidelines , all photos must be on an identifiable train on the Underground network or a commuter train pulling into London. No photos taken on buses, trams, train platforms, or any trains in cities outside of London are allowed. The website has a strong social media following on Facebook and Twitter , collecting 11, and 10, followers respectively since it launched in The website was set up by accountant Steve Motion who wanted to "pay 'Homage to the Hommes' on our infamous transportation infrastructure.

TubeCrush user TBlah said: Sharp suit — tick. Crisp white shirt — tick.

Nice watch to make sure to never be late for the endless dates we are going to go on. Researcher Dr Adrienne Evans at the University of Coventry — one of the scientists who carried out the study — has been interested in TubeCrush for the last few years, and is especially intrigued by the way Londoners manage busy lives, work schedules, and their effect on the way we find people attractive. The role of physical attributes which display signs of wealth and signs of personal grooming tans, good hair, and shapely beards and often complimented are among her fields of interest.

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So tell Mom to relax. Unless, that is, you have something bigger to tell her. I find myself sometimes more attracted to straight men. Yes gays check out straight people. Now print something with substance.

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Read this Hank. For some gays are sick enough to pursue straight males.

I however have certain variables that make a straight guy sexually desirable and maybe open to pursuit. If I initially learned of the guy as being straight, then NO. Something shuts off for me in finding him that irresistibly sexy to even fantasize about him.

However, from the moment I heard of him, I learned that he has a wife and kids. So the idea of sexual fantasies with him has always been off limits. Michael Phelps however is a different story.

When I first heard of him, I heard nothing about his orientation. So my fantasies of sex with him live on.