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This book has both mf and mm elements, and is based on a male escort, who changes his life around. I'll read more from this author. Kindle Edition.

Confessions of a Gay Male Escort 1: The Straight Guy eBook: Derek Cova: Kindle Store

Toby journeyed to many places, and many people, but not in the normal accepted way. This does not mean it was wrong, but it may have created more struggles and route changes tan necessary. We all choose paths for reasons often known only to us, often from fear, pain avoidance, misunderstandings, misinterpreted desires, power, greed, jealousy, ego, and other similar poor excuses as justification.

Rarely is pure love the motive or the means to an end - destination - that we truly want for our lives. Fortunately, most destinations are temporary pauses on the path of life, bringing closure to some things, and opening new routes for others. The paths often recross to provide second chances. Free will to choose the path is not free, and comes with scars, regrets, and burned bridges. But a life of love for people, regardless of gender, does not have to mean sex, although love flows through all aspects of relationships, including sex.

If only everyone was open minded and respectful instead of condescending and hateful, the world would be a better place for all, including Toby, friends, and family. This book identifies some of the issues, problems, and methods of avoidance of bands things by using drugs that make everything far worse. But it also shows how situations can be overcome to fill the hollow inside us with unrestricted love. There is a life lesson here, but most of those who need it most will never consider reading a gay book, especially if there might learn something, or have to change their attitude.

So life's struggles will continue, and the evils will remain.

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Be safe out there. Toby is a male escort, and a heavy drug user. He meets first Jakob, then Arianna. He cares deeply for them both. Things happen that cause Toby to question his very existence, and his life falls apart around his ears. Sometimes when I'm reading a book, I can see where its going, how it might play out. Sometimes not. The sign of a good book is keeping my interest up, keeping me engaged enough to want to know whether I'm right or wrong.

Doesn't matter which way it pans out, either. In THIS book, for a long time, indeed right til the end, I could not see which way it was going to go. At points I really didn't care. I did, a couple of times, think about marking it DNF and moving on. I think the main reason is Toby himself. I didn't like him, couldn't get into his mindset.

Male Escort Reveals How the Gigolo Business Works - New York Post

Couldn't connect with him. We do get to hear from Toby the most, but Jakob has his say, as does Arianna, and another character who's storyline did not do anything for this book! However, I do love getting to hear from everyone, even the bad guys. It is well written and I did not spot a single spelling mistake. When one story was completed I couldn't wait to read the next one and before I knew it, I had finished the book. I thought it showed you from an insider's view how rewarding and anxiety filled this type of profession could be.

It was at times both funny and frightening. I highly recomend this book to anyone whoever thought of being an escort or even using an escort. This book seems to take a new and honest approach to escorting. I found it delightful and have read it three timesd and each time I have discovered something I missed in the past.

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  • There are not the negatives I have found in similar books and Aaron seems to be sincere in the service he is rendering. I hope that he will write more stories in the future. I would be first in line to buy them. I found this book to be sexy, humorous and interesting. Aaron shares much about his life and adventures in being a male escort. He is brutally honest about his experiences and you learn about the business and his customers. He is honest without being mean or negative about his customers. I couldn't put the book down.

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    Die hilfreichsten Kundenrezensionen auf Amazon. Taschenbuch Verifizierter Kauf. Hmm, well I always am interested in reading this sort of thing, never knowing what to expect. I wasn't disappointed but reading a book like this just makes me wonder why people are the way they are. And of course I never usually get any kind of answer.

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    What a rough life it is. How in the world could he have a boyfriend and still do this?


    His boyfriend must have very low esteem. Who would put up with all that? I couldn't be one having to take whomever calls you.

    follow I would think it would be a very ungratifying life but he never thinks so. Well, I am interested in all aspects of the male escort profession. You did not clean your body thoroughly enough for anal sex? You believed that the male escort would do everything listed in his ad, but he demands a higher rate for what you want? Throwing money at a problem rarely fixes anything. Disputes with a male escort require finesse and people skills that the inexperienced client probably does not possess.

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